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Hi everyone, Patricia Daly here of “Your Calling to Happiness Summit”

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Your Calling to Happiness Summit is where you will watch amazing experts, sharing their wonderful stories, gifts and insights …  and most importantly HOPE, in achieving Happiness and fulfilment in today’s life!

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Your Calling to Happiness Summit!

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Here are the most recent comments from our audience:

Thank you so much for this Summit; what wonderful interviews! 
These are the things that stood out for me.

Interview I – Ashley talked about the importance of breaking things down into small steps for accomplishing tasks. Also that 10 minutes a day counts as progress. Practical and applicable.

Interview II – Laura Aiisha talked about self-luv & respect vs self-sabotage. And, allowing oneself to feel whatever feelings that are natural, but not getting stuck in the negative ones. Luv her songs – they are available for listening on Spotify. Her voice is soft and natural.

Interview III –  Marcy was really amazing! Training people to be Luv Detectives – how marvelous! Many things that she said were inspiring. The PH scale for thoughts, and living Authentically. 

The fact that Carolyn endorsed – “Follow your Bliss!” really vibrated with me.

I had two Ah-ha moments; 

1) Steven’s question – ‘At what point have you suffered enough?’ Good question!

2) His statement about the realization that everything we need is inside of us, but it doesn’t happen all at once; that it takes time, and belief is built on the way as you go up.


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