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Patricia Daly offers you skills and techniques to help shape your life into the vision you desire. Your creative spark, divine gifts and talents are nurtured and developed through her coaching program – Harmony Healing Arts Academy. To find out more information contact through this website or click the link below…




Music for healing is delivered as an online program.

Music effects us much more than we are aware of – most would think it is not very important, but really sound affects us in so many different ways.

The transformational qualities of music unleash within you a strong personal magnetism & contagious energy known as adrenaline and connects you to everyone. This is your charisma!

We don’t make music; music makes us.”

— Quote Christine Stevens.


The Power of Music !

Participants can be transformed by music, it’s not just the rhythm, everything in music carries one along. The level of communication between the motor system and the auditory system is stimulated through music. According to Dr Robert Zatorre from McGill University: Quote: “When you hear music you don’t have to be trained, even a child for example, will start to rhythmically move. Music seems to engage the motor system in the brain in a way other modalities do not.”

As we become older with ageing music has a role to play there. Dementia – however severe a dementia even if people have lost language they almost never seem to loose the memory of their response to music. This seems to be that music is more deeply set in the brain and so even severely demented people will recognise old songs and be delighted by them. One study shows that long and short term memory improves in patients that receive music therapy. Some patients who can’t speak can still respond to music. I’ve experienced this with patients and it’s very gratifying to watch them as they sing along with me during sessions. [1]

Ref No 1: [Please see link below]

Music is also used to help stroke patients and sometimes it helps to improve movement ..this is seen in patients having trouble with language and speech. People who have motor disorders like Parkinsons disease for example can be helped by music. The Music-of-Healing Program helps to promote health and well being through the medium of music. Music is a form of communication – it encourages clients to establish relief from anxiety and stress and to find deep peace and well being. No previous learning is needed to participate in this music therapy program and a relationship begins to develops quickly through which the individual can communicate thoughts and feelings in a way they have perhaps never previously been able to in a safe and supported environment. Through this they have a new experience of communicating and relating, and as a result may come to regard themselves in a different way. The therapist’s role is to facilitate this expression and communication.

The music therapy programme assists with the following life trauma’s:-

Learning Difficulties: Parkinson’s Disease: Dementia: Stroke: Brain Hemorrhages and Multiple Scleroses and End of Life: [2]

Ref No 2: [Please see link below]

Unique Healing Characteristics of the Harp Include:

1. The instrument’s archetypal significance as an ancient, spiritual healing instrument, which opens doors to the collective unconscious and, therefore, may facilitate the healing process.

2. Its wide pitch range (low C-32.703 Hz to high G-3136.0 Hz), which can vibrate the entire body.

3. Its varied and soothing palette of tone colours.

4. The ethereal effect created through the harp’s unique glissando technique (utilizing enharmonic tones).

5. The tension release associated with the emotional expression of plucking its strings, as Pythagoras suggested when he saw the strings as symbols of the nervous system.

6. The instrument’s vibratory effect on the harpist’s body, especially the thymus gland, a major gland of the immune system located in the chest. [3]

Ref No 3: [Please see link below]

When natural acoustic instruments are played, their sound resonates with the corresponding element and organ in the body. Stringed instruments, for example, correspond to the energy of the heart, small intestine, pericardium, and Triple Warmer meridians. The fundamental note played on acoustic instruments nurtures the physical body, while the overtones resonant in the subtle bodies. The plucked harp strings spread the sound to vibrate and penetrate the human body. This in turn provide positive and sensory stimulation. Focuses on a person’s ability to release locked in emotions helping to achieve a positive fulfilling outlook in life. Improve physiological effects, such as relaxed muscle tension, increased oxygenation, slower heart rate and lowered blood pressure. The harp strings vibrate through the wood and the listener. It is a very feminine instrument and touches the heart. Healing occurs when you open the heart and solar plexus and allow the fire energy to flow allowing an alchemical process to take place. [4]

Ref No 4: [Please see link below]





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